Why Join?

"When I joined, I was just looking for a place to sing. I found a place I didn’t know I’d been looking for."

"I’m loved, I’m appreciated, I belong, and I found me. And I’m a better person for having found Sweet Adelines.” 

“I came for the music. I stayed for the love”

“It’s all about the song of life. The melody lingers long after the singing stops. It’s about friendships, family, education, acceptance, blossoming and being a star!"

“The education I have gotten from regular rehearsals and regional events has been much more than I expected. I had no formal music education previous to joining Sweet Adelines. I have loved every minute of it!”

"Being a Sweet Adeline is just so much FUN! The music brings us in and the friendships keep us in! The friendships I have made as a Sweet Adeline will last a lifetime."

“What other hobby allows a woman like me, of average abilities, the opportunity of performing on stage just like a professional? I love all the glitter and glamour of Show Biz!”

"I saw a Sweet Adelines chorus perform in a mall in another state, and I really wanted to try it. At the time, my schedule was too tight, but I promised myself I’d try it someday…and I’m so glad I did! When guests tell us they don’t think they can join today, I always remind them that not now doesn’t mean not ever. "

“A friend invited me to sing for eight weeks in the holiday chorus. I got hooked and stayed. I cannot imagine doing anything else with my Tuesday evenings.”

* responses from MNC members and Sweet Adelines International member survey