2022 International 7th Place Medal and Harmony Achievement

International Chorus Contest

Metro Nashville Chorus earned a 7th place medal in the Sweet Adelines International Chorus Finals on 9/17/23.  Sweet Adelines presents the HARMONY ACHIEVEMENT award to the highest scoring chorus with <80% the average number of voices on stage in the contest. This year, choruses with fewer than 41 voices were eligible.  (The largest choruses were 80-90 voices.) MNC has 34 voices on stage, and we were thrilled to receive the 2022 HARMONY ACHIEVEMENT award!  This is our 5th consecutive HARMONY ACHIEVEMENT.  

Our finals package was a SWEET story about candy in the display case of The Big Heart Candy Company. We had so much fun putting the story, the songs, and the costumes and props together.  Singing for a huge audience of Sweet Adelines and friends/family fill our hearts!  We are so very proud to have earned a 7th place medal!