Sponsor List

MNC is a chapter of Sweet Adelines Internation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. 
[Sweet Adelines International, 9110 S. Toledo, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147, (918)622-1444)]

Thank you for your financial support!  

You have helped us purchase music, costumes, and risers as well as funded performance and rehearsal venues and chorus coaching.  We could not do it without you!

Our Commercial Sponsors

All That Jazz
American Drywall
B&W Lumber Company
Best Cleaners
Bradley Paintball Supply Xtreme
British Tailors
Columbia Office Supply & Business Machines
Columbia Pediatric Clinic
Dalton M. Mounger, Attorney At Law
Farrar & Bates, LLP Law Offices
Hobson Yoder Financial Group, Oak Ridge TN
House of Hickory BBQ
Hunt Big Sales
Huskey Truss and Lumber Supply
Jameson Inn
Jewell Baggett-Strehlau, AuD. “The EarNerd” 
Johnson Johnson Crabtree Architects
L&H Pest Control Co. Inc.
Larry Benderman Printing Co, The
The Linen Cottage
Lively Florist
Making Connections, LLC
Molly Anna's Children Shop of Columbia
Oaks & Nichols Funeral Directors
Petersen and Sons LLC
Quinn Financial Partners, LLC
R&S Flooring
R. C. May Jewelers, Inc.
Sims Gallery
Dr. Shay Glenn, DC—The Recovery Studio
Sheila Upshaw Photography
Sloan Ford Lincoln Mercury Inc
Vanderbilt Sleep Division
VMLY&R Foundation
The Whale Hunters Company

Our Individual Sponsors

Adam West
Amy Cox
Andrew Toth
Ann Fay
Ann McNeish
Anne Marie Schiller
August & Virginia Knickelbein
Barb Belden
Barry Gardner
Bart & Mary King
Benjamin Wathen
Bev Colomb
Beverly Chambers
Bill and Nadine Acker
Bill and Winky Dowdle
Billy Payne
Brenda Burrows
Brian and Carol Kiel
Brian and Tina McCue
Bridget Wietlisbach
Bruce Smith
Candy Donegan 
Carol Peoples
Carolyn & Paul Poindexter
Carolyn & John Westcote 
Carolyn Benkowitz
Carolyn Sanders
Carolyn Ehart
Chris and James Lyons
Chris Kneeland
Christine and Michael Crosby
Christopher Loftin & MK Sewell-Loftin
Cindy & Steve Vincent
Cindy Ehart
Cindy Fox
Cyndi Spinden
Dave and Mel Reeves
David & Pam Kidd
David and Debbie Beauvais
David Cline
David H. Moore
David, Cindi, and Mollie Dingler 
Dawn, Matt, and Emily Maire
Dewight Lanham
Diane Clark
Diane Harding
Don and Carol Lee Rainey
Donna Ehart
Dr and Mrs. James Craig
Dr Monroe Malow and Mrs. Theresa Malow
Dr Susan Francisco
Dr Tom and Karlie Head
Dwight Wagner
Erin O'Hara
Esteline Bradley
Fran Koscielak
Mr. & Mrs. Schley Frazer
Fulton Mitchell
Gary and Pam Hutson
Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Holt
GL Jones
Gloria Ralston
Greg & Gretchen Henry
Hammons Family
Hanson Family
Holly Garcia
Hugh & Connie Sharp
Ivan Nunez-Pacheco
Jacque Marrero
James Chalker
James W. Hickman
Jane Lupert
Jeff Barrie
Jeff Jones
Jennifer Jewell
Jennifer Palus
Jerry and Melissa Head
Jim Norton
John Torr
Jose Carrera
Judith Anthony
Judy & Bob Smith
Justice & Emogene Hyde
Karlie Head
Katharine McMullen
Kathryn Swindle
Kathy and Paul Heim
Keith Mestl
Martha & Joe Kelley
Kerri McQuiddy
Kevin Skinner
Kimberly Peacher
Kristen Anderson
Kristie Nix
Larry & Jean Gow
Larry Greer
Laura Hammons
Laura Smith
Leah Allen
Lee Durrell
Leslie Jarrell
Lincoln Barrett
Linda Doyal 
Linda Sisk
Lou & April Diaz
Lou Ann and Gary Brown 
Lynn and Jerry White
Lyons Family, The
Marc and Ainsley Warmuth
Margaret A M Braun
Margaret Clifford
Margaret Falkner
Marilyn McCollom
Mark and Sue Elmore
Mark Zahorik
Marsha Bock
Martha & David Hobson
Mary Guiher
Mary Midgett
Matt Hafkin
Michael and Linda Haddad
Michele Bronson
Michele Harris
Michelle Canatsey
Michelle DuFresne
Michelle Sevigny
Miles Cotham
Miles the Cat & Stella the Dog
Natalie Allen
Nicole Edwards
Pam and Jeff Jones
Pam Russell
Pat Estok
Pat McCabe
Patrick McGuire
Peter & Erin Keene
Phil Suiter
Randy and Vera Lynn Sheets
Ray & Vessie Falconberry
Ray and Linda Wright
Rich & Donna Wonders
Richard & Christine Caprioli
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Goode
Rick and Gloria Shiavi
Rick Mallow
Robert and Jean Conner
Robert McCartney
Robin Blythe 
Robin Hanson
Roger and Diane Canatsey
Ron and Ann Sprague
Rosemary Dockery
Russ & Shirley Peppler 
Ruth Koscielak
Ruth L Koscielak
Ruth McCarver
Ruthlynne Palus
Sally Petschel
Sal's Pals
Sandra & Ray Carpenter
Shannon Dinwoodie
Sharon K. Cooke
Shawn Cox
Sherri Johnson
Sioux Thompson
Some Assembly Required Quartet
Stark and Carolyn Sanders
Steve Harder
Suellen Anderson
Susan Polk Scyphers 
Sylvia Resha
Tad Palus & Monique Brenno
Tanis Fink
Tarver & Thelma Smith
Terry & Wanda Palus
Terry Katz
Thelma Jean Howell
Tim Searcy
Tina Allan
Todd & Cheryl Panther
Tom & Julie Carpenter
Tom and Christine Cooney
Tom Paulsen
Trish Pendleton 
Venkat Ramakrishnan
Vera Lynn Sheets
Webb McQuiddy
William & Julie Fowler
Yarber, Mr. and Mrs. Edward