From Visitor to Member

Wondering what happens when you visit MNC and how you become a member? Read on!

Your Initial Visit

When you visit an MNC chorus rehearsal, a member of our music team will voice-place you. That simply means they will listen to your voice and determine your most comfortable range. Then you join us on the risers, standing next to a member singing the same part: Tenor, Lead, Baritone, or Bass. Descriptions of each part from Sweet Adelines International:

  • Lead is the melody and is sung in the range between A below middle C, and C above middle C.
  • Tenor is a harmony part sung consistently above the lead. Although tenor is the highest voice in barbershop harmony, it should not be confused with soprano of conventional singing groups. The tenor should have a light, sweet, pure tone that will complement but not overpower the lead voice.
  • Baritone covers approximately the same range as lead. The baritone harmony notes cross the lead notes; sometimes sung below and sometimes above. Baritones must constantly adjust their balance to accommodate their position in the chord.
  • Bass singers should have a rich, mellow voice and be able to sing the E flat below middle C easily. Basses should not be confused with the alto of conventional groups. Many altos can sing the bass part, but others are much better suited to lead or baritone, depending on range and vocal quality.

Audition Process

After a few weeks, when you’re comfortable with one of our songs, you can audition for membership. But don’t worry; you don’t have to sing all alone. New members audition by singing into their phones or other recording device while on the risers. This allows your to feel more comfortable, but still allows an evaluator to hear one voice within the larger chorus. By the way, every member of the chorus uses this same process when new songs are added to our repertoire.


After passing your audition, a new member is partnered with a long-time member for support. Small groups of members will work with you to quickly learn all of our songs. Everyone is willing to help, and soon you’ll be helping a new member yourself!